Socket pogo pin(spring pin)

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Pcb Test Application

Pogo Pin(Spring Pin) for Testing Bare Board and/or PCB

You can see Pogo Pin(Spring Pin) for testing bare board and PCB here. Standard pitch is from 0.5mm to 3.0mm.

Cpu Test Application

Pogo Pin(Spring Pin) for Semiconductor
You can find Spring probes used for test process for production of semiconductor here. Spring probe is probe with spring inside and is also called Double-ended probe and Contact probe. It is assembled in IC socket and becomes electronic path, which vertically connects Semiconductor and PCB. By our excellent machining technique, we can provide spring probe with low contact resistance and long life. “DP” series is our standard lineup of spring probe for testing semiconductor.


DDR Test Fixture Application

Product Description

DDR test fixture can be used for testing and screening DDR particles Upto 3.2Ghz GCR and testing probe are available The special PCB for testing is adopted, and the gold plating layer of gold fingerand IC pad is 5 times that of ordinary PCB, so as to ensure better conductivity and wear resistance High precision metal IC positioning frame to ensure IC positioning accuracy The structural design is compatible with DDR4. When DDR3 is upgraded to DDR4, only PC BA needs to be replaced

ATE Test Socket Application

Product Description

Apply for semiconductor products(DDR, EMMC, EMC CPU, NAND)verification, testing&burning in. Applicable package:SOR LGA, QFR BGA etc. Applicable pitch: 0.2mm and above Specific requirements of customers, such as frequency, current, impedance, etc., providing appropriate test solution.