Socket pogo pin(spring pin)

How to evaluate the probe?

If it is an electronic test probe, it can be observed whether there is current attenuation in the large current transmission of the probe, and whether there is pin jamming or broken pin during the small pitch field test. If the connection is unstable and the test yield is poor, it indicates that the quality and performance of the probe are not very good.

The high current elastic chip micro needle module is a new type of test probe. It is an integrated elastic chip structure, light in shape, tough in performance. It has a good response method in both high current transmission and small pitch tests. It can transmit a high current up to 50A, and the minimum pitch value can reach 0.15 mm. It will not card PIN or break the pin. The current transmission is stable, and it has better connection functions. When testing the male and female connectors, The yield of female seat test is up to 99.8%, which will not cause any damage to the connector. It is the representative of high-performance probe.

Post time: Oct-31-2022