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Kelvin Contact Socket Pogo Pin Probes

  • Spring Force at Operating Travel: 20gf
  • Operating Travel: 0.40mm
  • Operating Temperature: -45to 125℃
  • Life Span at Operating Travel: 1000K Cycles
  • Current Rating(Continuous): 1.0A
  • Self Inductance:
  • Bandwidth@-1dB:
  • DC Resistance: ≦0.05Ω
  • Top Plunger: Pd alloy/No Plated
  • Bottom Plunger: BeCu/Au Plated
  • Barrel: Alloy /Au Plated
  • Spring: Music Wire /Au Plated
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    Product Introduction

    What is Pogo Pin?

    Pogo Pin(Spring Pin) is used to test semiconductor or PCB used in many electric appliances or electronic devices. They can be considered as nameless hero who helps people's lifestyle everyday.
    The customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, quality, credibility and service for High Quality for Hot Sell BGA Test Probe Double Head Spring Loaded Pogo Pin, "Passion, Honesty, Sound assistance, Keen cooperation and Development" are our targets. We are here anticipating mates all around the environment!
    High Quality for China Spring Loaded Connector and Pogo Pin Connector, After years' creating and developing, with the advantages of trained qualified talents and rich marketing experience, outstanding achievements were gradually made. We get good reputation from the customers due to our good items quality and fine after-sale service. We sincerely wish to create a more prosperous and flourishing future together with all the friends home and abroad!

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    Product Parameters

    Part Number Barrel Outer Diameter
    Tip for Load
    Tip for 
    Current rating
    Contact resistance
     DP3-026034-CD01  0.26  3.40   C 1.0  <100 
    Kelvin Contact Socket Pogo Pin Probes is a customized product with very little stock. Please communicate in advance before your procurement.

    Product Application

    We have spring probes for Kelvin contact, which best suits to use for sensitive and extremely precise test. It is used by contacting to one terminal of semiconductor by two probes. We have 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5mm pitch probe for Kelvin contact.

    Test pins, also known as test probes in the industry, are divided into pogo pins (special pins) and general pins when used for PCB board testing. When using the pogo pins, test molds need to be made according to the wiring of the tested PCB board, and In general, a mold can only test one type of PCB board; when using general-purpose pins, you only need to have enough points, so many manufacturers are now using general-purpose pins; spring pins are divided into PCB board probes according to the use situation. Pins, ICT probes, BGA probes, PCB board probes are mainly used for PCB board testing, ICT probes are mainly used for online testing after plug-ins, and BGA probes are mainly used for BGA package testing and chip testing.

    1. Enhance the durability of the fixture
    The design of the IC test probe makes its spring space larger than that of the conventional probe, so it can obtain a longer life.

    2. Uninterrupted electrical contact design
    When the stroke exceeds the effective stroke (2/3 stroke) or the general stroke, the contact impedance can be kept low, and the false judgment caused by the false open circuit caused by the probe can be eliminated.

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