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The demand for probes is as high as 481 million. When will domestic probes go global?

The use of semiconductor testing equipment runs through the entire semiconductor manufacturing process, playing a key role in cost control and quality assurance in the semiconductor industry chain.

Semiconductor chips have experienced three stages of design, production and sealing test. According to the "ten times rule" in electronic system fault detection, if chip manufacturers fail to find defective chips in time, they need to spend ten times the cost in the next stage to check and solve the defective chips.

Moreover, through timely and effective testing, chip manufacturers can also reasonably screen chips or devices with different performance levels.

Semiconductor test probe
Semiconductor test probes are mainly used in chip design verification, wafer testing and finished product testing of semiconductors, and are the core components throughout the entire chip production process.


The test probe is generally formed by four basic parts of the needle head, needle tail, spring and outer tube after being riveted and pre pressed by precision instruments. Because the size of semiconductor products is very small, the size requirements of probes are more stringent, reaching the micron level.
The probe is used for the precise connection between the wafer/chip pin or solder ball and the testing machine to realize the signal transmission to detect the conductivity, current, function, aging and other performance indicators of the product.
Whether the structure of the produced probe is reasonable, whether the size error is reasonable, whether the needle tip is deflected, whether the peripheral insulation layer is complete, and so on, will directly affect the test accuracy of the probe, and thus affect the test and verification effect of semiconductor chip products.
Therefore, with the rising cost of chip production, the importance of semiconductor testing is becoming increasingly prominent, and the demand for test probes is also increasing.

The demand for probes is increasing year by year
In China, the test probe has the characteristics of wide application fields and diverse product types. It is an indispensable part in the detection of electronic components, microelectronics, integrated circuits and other industries. Thanks to the rapid development of downstream areas, the probe industry is in a rapid development stage.

The data shows that the demand for probes in China will reach 481 million in 2020. In 2016, the sales volume of China's probe market was 296 million pieces, with a year-on-year growth of 14.93% in 2020 and 2019.


In 2016, the sales volume of China's probe market was 1.656 billion yuan, and 2.960 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 17.15% compared with 2019.

There are many types of sub probes according to different applications. The most commonly used probe types are elastic probe, cantilever probe and vertical probe.


Analysis on the Structure of China's Probe Product Imports in 2020
At present, the global semiconductor test probes are mainly American and Japanese enterprises, and the high-end market is almost monopolized by these two major regions.

In 2020, the global sales scale of semiconductor test probe series products reached US $1.251 billion, which shows that the development space of domestic probes is huge and the rise of domestic probes is urgent!

Probes can be divided into several types according to different applications. The most commonly used probe types include elastic probe, cantilever probe and vertical probe.

Xinfucheng test probe
Xinfucheng has always been committed to the development of domestic probe industry, insisting on independent research and development of high-quality test probes, adopting advanced material structure, lean coating treatment and high-quality assembly process.

The minimum spacing can reach 0.20P. A variety of probe top designs and probe structure designs can meet various packaging and testing requirements.

As a key component of integrated circuit tester, a set of test fixture requires tens, hundreds or even thousands of test probes. Therefore, Xinfucheng has invested a lot of research in the structural design, material composition, production and manufacturing of probes.

We have gathered the top R&D team from the industry, focusing on the design and R&D of probes, and looking for ways to improve the test accuracy of probes day and night. At present, the products have been successfully applied to many large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, contributing to China's semiconductor industry.

Post time: Oct-31-2022